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Health Care Myths

Posted by commonsenseforamericans on December 16, 2009 at 10:24 AM Comments comments (0)



Health Care Myths


To all those people that question the wisdom of those that object to the conservatives and those democrats that object to nationalizing the U.S. free enterprise health system, allow me to point out a few facts.


I grew up under a communist government where national health care was practiced. The best I can compare it to would be to any bureaucracy you ever had to deal with.


In this country, health care is practiced, as a competitive industry and health practitioner must compete like any other business. This competition is what drives the medical innovation that has caused virtually every other country citizens to come here as a last resort for their health care. Canadians and Europeans come here by the thousands every month to take advantage of the superior training and experience that our health care professionals can provide. People the world over strive to come here for medical training because it is the best.


Whenever the leaders of countries world wide need serious medical attention, they come here.


These and many other reasons should be considered when you make your choice. This present "health care crisis," is nothing more than another power grab by politicians to increase their control over our economy. Just take a good look at all the government agencies who control different parts of our economy. Has there ever been a program other than the military that has performed as promised? The answer is a resounding No!


The people who have attended town hall meetings nationwide are there to ask questions and when the politicians claim they are being attacked, they are spinning the situation. The irritation the attendees is caused by their abuse at the hands of their elected officials. Those officials have never been put under the gun to answer questions before and the public is suddenly finding out how foolish these officials really are.


I can only hope that the voters will remember these characters at the next election cycle and hold them responsible for their actions.


Let's see which of those public voices that tell us how wonderful medical care under a government controlled system is, will be the first to actually go to Cuba, Canada, or almost any country in Europe for their care.


Remember, by law everyone must be treated in a hospital no matter their financial situation. True, they may not get the absolutely greatest care possible but then that is true of everyone no matter their insurance situation. I encourage those of you that have questions for their elected officials to continue to hold their feet to the fire and insist on answers that are true and not political mumbo jumbo. If that term is not understood by you, then just find the video of Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts at his town meeting last week.

Here is a link to that video, just copy and paste.

If you are a senior citizen and want an option to AARP, the please take a look at CAARP the Conservative American Association of Retired People Web site at:


Whichever side of the health care issue you're on, remember argue your point with logic and passion.


Fred Speckmann

Entertainment Today

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Today, as I have quite often on weekends, I watched the Hallmark cable channel. In these times of so much questionable “entertainment.” it is a refreshing form of television viewing.

The stories are written from the heart, casting is usually delightful in featuring seldom seen actors and actresses and the performances are professional and believable.


The stories remind us of the America we used to be. Most of the people are honorable and friendly; the feelings they express come from the heart. They are a reminder of who we can be, good people who care for one another, not the often crass and rude people some of us have become.


Does almost every movie out of Hollywood have be mayhem and destruction with vulgar dialogue and silly special effects? I don’t believe so and I don’t believe the majority of the public does so either.


Is this view utopian? Perhaps it is, but I will hold to the belief that we all can be better people. Not just during the Christmas season or during times of disaster like the days after September 11th, 2001, but whenever we choose the better path in our life. The choice is ours.


The choice is also Hollywood's since the box office receipts usually show higher returns for family entertainment than any other genre of movies and television. What does it take to get the message?


Perhaps we need to send up flares for the entertainment executives.


Fred Speckmann

Has anyone read the Constitution?

Posted by commonsenseforamericans on August 27, 2009 at 11:28 AM Comments comments (0)

Recently I came across a statement by one of President Obamas senior advisors, John Holdren, Science Advisor.  He believes that Americans have no right according to the Constitution to choose the number of children they have.  Does that remind anyone of Chinas one child policy?

To read his quote, please go to the August 14, 2009 story by Colin Mason on



In many conversations I've had with people about the rights of Americans, quite often the Constitution is mentioned.  Yet, when analyzing their arguments it seems that they have never really read our Constitution.  The Constitution is primarily a limitation on the powers of the government and the Bill of Rights specifies the rights of individuals not ever to be limited by the government. 

Below I present a copy of the preamble to the Constitution.

"We the People of the UnitedStates, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for theUnited States of America."

The Preamble does not grant any particular authority to the federal government and it does not prohibit any particular authority. It establishes the fact that the federal government has no authority outside of what follows the preamble, as amended. "We the people", is one of the most-quoted sections of the Constitution. It was thought by the Federalists during this time that there was no need for a bill of rights as they thought that the preamble spelled out the people's rights.

The Bill of Rights is the most important aspect of the Constitution, please take the time to read and truly understand it.


The above, as published on

Fred Speckmann

P.S. Please check out our sister site;

Conservative American Association of Retired People,




Town Hall Meetings

Posted by commonsenseforamericans on August 23, 2009 at 5:41 PM Comments comments (0)

Town Hall meetings arethe most basic American way of interacting with our electedofficials, yet they have perverted this concept to a great degree. 

They provide themselves with police power forsecurity in a show of force that clearly tells the audience, don't challenge me I'm here to tell you what to do.  This is the exact opposite of the intended purpose of a town hall meeting. 

The worst examples I can give is of the recentmeetings of Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania and Barney Frank ofMassachusetts.  They are not alone in theirarrogance of power, members of both parties are guilty. 

We have all seen these events on the news every day these past weeks and enough is enough.  The reason for the discord at these meetingsis not the publics behavior, but is triggered by the refusal of theofficials to listen to the opinions offered and ignoring the questions asked.  Simply put, they have no legitimate answers.

The attendees at these events have been called NAZI's, disturbed and trouble makers among many other things. Yet when the politicians own supporters disrupt and threaten people, not a wordof rebuke is offered.  It is time to send the only message that these officials understand, vote them out of power. 

This country was not established to have a ruling class as members of Congress as they now think of themselves.

I invite all Americans, no matter their political persuasion to respond to these opinions and all I ask is that you will be thoughtful and logical in your writings.  Passion is great, name calling is not.  Intellectual honesty is a must.

Fred Speckmann 


Minimum Wages and political corruption!

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This posting is in response to a piece available at:

Bravo Sir, you not only have your finger on the problem but have very articulately explained all the factors involved in the potential damage of forcing increased wages on the fast food business.


Your explanation of the damage corrupt politicians like NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver cause to economies in the states or for that matter the Us economy as a whole is also right on the money, pun intended.


The European examples you p[resented are also 100% on point. Politicians worldwide will never acknowledge that even though they know the truth of the negative effects of high taxes and regulations because sadly their denial of these truths are based on their own corruption. No truer words were ever spoken than by Lord Acton, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."


Fred Speckmann

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