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What did Glenn Beck really say at CPAC?

Posted by commonsenseforamericans on February 26, 2010 at 12:35 PM

This morning’s many commentaries on Glenn Beck’s CPAC speech were very confusing. Did they all hear the same speech?


What I heard was the following. An impassioned plea for the republican party to stop what they have been doing and take time to reflect and really analyze their actions in the years since the Reagan presidency.




In their speeches they all mention their admiration for President Reagan and what he stood for, yet their actions seldom show that they are in fact true to his philosophies.


Once they get elected and arrive in Washington DC, they drink the water that seems to be infected with spend and tax viruses. Glenn Beck was right in his statement at CPAC when he said, "One party says it will tax and spend. The other party says it won’t tax and will spend."

Many comments have been made that Beck advocates a third party movement, nothing is further from the truth. What he is in fact saying is that the Republican Party must make a stand against Progressivism and make it now, before it’s too late.


He is advocating for true Conservatives to influence the party and support true Conservatives within the party.


Yes, he has on occasion said, maybe that means a third party. But that is a reflection that republicans then could join that rejuvenated Conservative version of the old Republican Party.

We can avoid such a temporary turmoil in the Republican Party by recognizing the true Conservatives such as Rubio in Florida, DeMint in South Carolina and many others that are bubbling up via the Tea Party movement and other Conservative organizations. Are all those potential Conservative candidates going to be true to their campaign speeches, probably not? We do however have plenty of evidence about many Republican Congressmen and women who have proven their inability to be real Conservatives.


Fred Speckmann


View Glenn Beck's speech at CPAC.

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