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The Common Sense Test

Posted by commonsenseforamericans on April 19, 2010 at 7:36 PM

The Common SenseTest 

Whatis the common sense test in law and politics?


All of us are born with various amounts of common sense, but even those with the least amount are able to make judgements when they are willing to be intellectually honest.


Does it make sense to have a small percentage of the population pay for the expenses of the larger group?


We are now at a point where only about half the working population pays income taxes that benefit the other half.  According to the National Taxpayers Union, the top 10% pays 71% of theincome taxes collected by the government.

For further information, please go to ; Thetop 50% of taxpayers pay 97% of the income tax burden.


The result is that half the population is voting for candidates that promise them money in various programs.  Is there any wonder that everything seems upside down?


Do we understand how we got to be the preeminent economy in the history of theworld?


How can we, if our schools are run by liberals who quite often see the free market as unfair?  Our schools have stopped teaching history in many school districts throughout the country.  The founding of the nation is no longer a primary lesson taught.  The RevolutionaryWar, Civil War or for that matter the First World War and Second world War are no longer of any consequence of these progressive school districts.  It’s not the teachers; it’s the influence of the liberal (progressive) teachers unions that control these school districts.  They are the primary influence in the re-writing of history books.


Our common sense tells us that these history lessons need to be taught. George Santayana said, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."   No truer words were ever spoken.  All of us that are willing to use the common sense that we were born with would not dispute it.


The danger is that there are so many progressives who have infiltrated positions of power over our children and are teaching them a version of history that their parents and grandparents wouldn’t recognize.


Talk to your children, review what they are being taught and use your commonsense to make your judgement as to the accuracy.


The experiment of the United States became the greatest nation on earth.  Not because it’s perfect, but because it offered freedom to the world, the common sense evidence is visible by the millions of people who vote with their feet everyyear and arrive on our 

Fred Speckmann


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