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Rand Paul, get it together

Posted by commonsenseforamericans on December 26, 2014 at 7:50 PM

Dear Senator Rand Paul,

You need to convince us conservatives that you are serious about foreign policy.  You need to give us your version of Reaganism and truly separate yourself from some of your fathers cuckoo views.

The earlier in the coming campaign that you clarify your views the better. No more prevarication on anything, the earlier you stake out your position the better.

Knock out Christie who is becoming more of a RINO every day. yes, we all like it when you take on the union thugs from the Teachers Union and tells them to shut up, but who doesn't like that sort of frankness in a politician? On the other hand, when you research his real positions you will find his opposition to coal and oil drilling off shore which is unaceptable to conservatives.

To put it simply as it is, Christie is in love with himself and the notoriety he receives when he tells some of these people off.

Furthermore, who can forget the picture of him hugging Obama after the hurricane and helping Obama over the top in his reelection.

No thank you Gov. Christie and Gov. Jeb Bush. It's time for a Ted Cruz or a Mike Lee, someone who says what he thinks and sticks to the truth and challenges the Republican Old Boy Network.

Let's truly start over, it's way past high time to do so.

Fred Speckmann

[email protected]

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