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Why do Liberals fear Sarah Palin?

Posted by commonsenseforamericans on February 14, 2010 at 1:50 PM

Why do Liberals fear Sarah Palin?


Let me count the ways. She has common sense. Who was the last politician that you remember that had that quality?


She can speak on her feet. Yes, we all remember the fuss that was raised by the liberals for her Katie Couric interview that was proclaimed to show Sarah Palin’s interview. Not ready for prime time I believe was one of the terms used to describe her.

In fact, I too would have reacted in the manner she did, the question was so absurd that it momentarily stopped Sarah from being able to respond. The question was simply too stupid to be taken seriously.


She has a sense of humor that comes through mostly when she responds to the ridiculous. And there are many examples of the ridiculous sound bites that come out of Washington.

To us conservatives, what are the qualities we admire about Sarah Palin? Her real life experiences in the world of the ordinary men and women that provide the real backbone of this great country. Her experiences as a partner with her husband in the real business world. The business world that is not a multi billion dollar enterprise, but the world where on a Friday afternoon she had to hand out paychecks to her employees and being close enough to understanding what that is like. To balance her expenditures with a flow of income that may not allow her to have a lot left over. The possible necessity of deciding that she will have to put her families needs aside and make sure there’s enough money to make payroll, not to mention meeting the giant tax burden that operating a small business demands.


What politician can you point to that has experienced those kinds of problems? Not many, I’m sure.


Those are just a few reasons to fear Sarah Palin if you’re a liberal.

She speaks the language of the people. She is every woman in every man in this country that uses common sense. The liberals simply have no one that can compete, so their only possible course to defeat her is to disparage her. They’re not even able to understand the more they attack her the stronger she becomes.


Fred Speckmann

[email protected]

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